Kinetis M0+ FAQ版本更新历史

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Kinetis M0+ FAQ文档的版本更新历史:


Version 1: Basic structure;


Version 2: Add 2 items Top highlights, 7 items Common and 7 items Tools;


Version 3: add "Cyclone Max 使用步骤及注意事项";


Version 4,5,6: Adjust the FAQ structure;


Version 7: Add "Kinetis L 、E、V、M系列选型指南";


Version 8: Add "开源工具";


Version 9: Add "Kinetis SDK";


Version 10,11,12: Add "智能插座";


Version 13: Add “FAQ使用规范” and "Kinetis Bootloader", and Readjust the "参考设计与方案";


Version 14, 15: Add the new motor control solution link into the "参考设计与方案";


Version 16: Add Blogs to "常用网站资料";


Version 17: Push the Kinetis M0+ FAQ Version log histors' information into subpage of "Kinetis M0+ FAQ 版本更新历史";


Version 18: Add "飞思卡尔MAPS开发板资料" into "常用网站资料";


Version 19: Replace "iBeacon" with "BLE";


Version 20, 21: Remove "WIFI" solution, Add "SPI接口读写SD卡";


Version 22: Rename "软件和例程" with "软件和文档", Add "常用的应用笔记" into "软件和文档" list;


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