DwF Detroit - 2015-09-23

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Automotive and Connected Car

Security and the Connected Car: How to Create Secure Networks for V2X Communications

Hands-On: Accelerate Your Development and Prototyping Using Processor Expert

Hands-On: Getting Started Using S32 Design Studio for ARM MCUs

Hands-On: S32 Design Studio  for Power Architecture Devices

Hands-On: Motor Control Toolbox for MagniV - MATLAB/Simulink Modeling and Code Generation

Shrink Your Application with S12 MagniV Mixed-Signal Microcontroller

Signal Processing Extension Second Generation

Performance Monitoring for Automotive MCUs

Performance Optimization Tips and Hints for Power Architecture

Hardware Design Guidelines for S12 MagniV Mixed-Signal Microcontroller

Hands-On: How to Use Freescale's FreeMASTER Tool for Development and Debugging

Driving Automotive IoT and Autonomous Vehicles

Big Data Applications for the Connected Car

PT2000: Next-Generation Intelligent Programmable Injection Controller for 3- and 6-Cylinder DFI Engines

Addressing NCAP 2016 Vision Processing Requirements for Pedestrian Detection

The Dawn of Automated Vehicles: Ideas Become Reality

S32V234 MCUs: An Introduction to Vision Processing

Secure CAN Communications

Flash Over The Air - Managing Memory Requirements

CAN Flexible Data (FD)

Ethernet Primer

Software Development Fundamentals Using i.MX Applications Processors

Manufacturing Tools for i.MX Applications Processors

Yocto Project Tools for Application Developers

Yocto Project Tools for BSP Developers

Creating a Prototype Traction Motor Inverter

Vision Processing 101

Standards for Graphics and Vision Processing

Hot Connect Debug for S12 and S12X MagniV Mixed-Signal Microcontrollers

Automotive Functional Safety: Options for Fault Tolerant Systems

Market Drivers and Use Cases for Automotive Cyber Security

DRAM Controller Optimization for i.MX Applications Processors

NXP AUTOSAR MCAL Solutions for i.MX 6 Applications Processors

Motor Control Fundamentals

Overview of RAppID Bootloader

Getting Started with NXP’s LIN Driver

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S32V Hardware

Automotive and Industrial Switch Monitoring Solution Using NXP's MSDI Family

Efficient Thermal Management for Motor Control

NXP: External LED Lighting Drivers


Design, Software and Services

Electromagnetic Fields for Normal Folks: Show Me the Pictures and Hold the Equations, Please

Power Distribution Made Easy

Learn PCB Design Techniques to Improve ESD Robustness

Effective Printed Circuit Board Design: Techniques to Improve Performance

Next-Generation i.MX 6Dual and i.MX 6Quad Applications Processors

i.MX 6SoloX Heterogeneous Multiprocessing with ARM Cortex-A9 + Cortex-M4 Architecture

Adeneo Embedded: Linux Quickboot

Security Features of i.MX Applications Processors