Adding TAD shell in KSDK shell demo

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The one way how to set TAD shell is to use current example shell for e.g. FRDM-K64F, modified it and use it.


1. Open demo Shell (located at C:\Freescale\KSDK_1.2.0\middleware\tcpip\rtcs\examples\shell\build\kds\shell_frdmk64f) in KDS, as .wsd file


2. Open demo_cmd.c (located at /shell_frdmk64f/Source/demo_cmd.c) and add the line for shell tad,

{ "echosrv",   Shell_echosrv},

    { "echo",      Shell_echo},

    { "email",     Shell_smtp },

    { "gate",      Shell_gate },

    { "gethbn",    Shell_get_host_by_name },

    { "getname",   Shell_getname },

    { "getrt",     Shell_getroute },

    { "ipconfig"Shell_ipconfig },

    { "llmnr"Shell_llmnrsrv },

{ "tad"Shell_tad },


3. Open tad.c (located at /mqx_frdmk64f/MQX_Generic/tad/tad.c) and remove at the first line:


      #if MQX_USE_IO_OLD

and last line

       #endif // MQX_USE_IO_OLD

and included fio library

      #include <fio.h> 


4. Build libraries first, then build demo shell_frdmk64

5. Set the Tera Term and after typing tad in Tera Term, you will see the output:






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