Running Dual Display on i.MX53QSB

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BSP version: 11.03 Multimedia Package version: 11.03

1. Install BSP and Multi Media package (11.03 release)

2. Avoid Display Timeout: append the following line to rootfs/etc/oprofile: echo -e -n '\033[9]' > /dev/tty0

3. Set VGA port as the primary display in the kernel command line: video=mxcdi1fb:GBR24,VGA-XGA di1_primary vga

4. Connect a VGA monitor and WVGA display to the MX53 Quick Start

5. Boot Linux on MX53 Quick Start board (NFS is used in this example)

6. Unblank WVGA display (fb1): $ echo 0 > /sys/class/graphics/fb1/blank

7. On the target enter into /dev/shm directory. If the following files are present:

vss_lock vss_shmem


,delete them.


8. On your host, edit the ltib/rootfs/usr/share/vssconfig as following:

  1. vss device definition
  2. Master=VGA, Slave=WVGA
  1. master display

[VGA] type = framebuffer format = RGBP fb_num = 2 main_fb_num = 0 vs_max = 4

  1. slave display


[WVGA] type = framebuffer format = RGBP fb_num = 1 vs_max = 4

9. Run the Gstreamer pipeline below:

gst-launch filesrc location=file.mp4 ! qtdemux ! mfw_vpudecoder ! mfw_isink display=VGA display-1=WVGA Video is played on the VGA and WVGA panels. A 720p file can be played at the same time.