SD Card Bootloader :how to using SD card to update existing firmware on CodeWarriror or KDS

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This SD card bootloader demo offers to user a way how to using SD card to update existing firmware.

The two project of attachment are the demo code create by CodeWarrior 10.6 and KDS 3.0 .

The document of attachment is the application note of the bootloader, you can find the detailed description about the bootloader.


It is easy to be used:

     -Hardware: TWR-K60F120

     -Software: CodeWarrior 10.6 or KDS 3.0


     Getting started :

     - Change the name of user application binary file to “app_0x10000_1.bin”, then copy and paste it on SD card;

     - Insert the SD card into the TWR-K60F120 board;

     - Build and flash “bootloader_sd_k60120m” to the board;

     - Press the SW1 button, at the same time, press once the RESET button, thus it will update the user application to the flash.

     - Again, only press the RESET button, it will directly run the user application.



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