LAUTERBACH 16bit ETM Adaptor on SABRE AI iMX6 Freescale eval board <EDGE to MICTOR 38>

Document created by Paradiso Jean-Pierre on May 19, 2015
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Two year ago we have developed a 16 bit ETM adaptor to connect our PowerTrace II module with our AUTOFOCUS II preprocessor :

TRACE32® Chip Support and Configurations for IMX6QUAD


This adaptor is connected on the EDGE connector of the SABRE Automotive Industry board from Freescale and provide a MICTOR 38 connector compatible with 16 bit maximum ETM size.


This is the maximum ETM size supported by iMX6.

The maximum Trace clock frequency riched is 132 Mhz, which provide enough bandwidth to trace a full ANDROID running on Quad Core iMX6 !!! and it works perfectly.


with Lauterbach tools you can debug completely Linux kernel and driver and full ANDROID support using our dalvik awareness that show you the complete call stack from low level system linux call to high level JAVA code.


this adaptor is already in use on several customer from us, with perfect result.





TRACE32 can now display all the code executed by the iMX6 Quad for each core, with no limitation on time recording.

Linux task switch timing, profiling function, MIPS information, Detailed Tree function etc ...

more detail here : TRACE32® Trace-based Profiling


here below a small example of what you can see :


here below the board, and schematic.

PCB Outlook rotated Mictor.png


in case you want the full schematic for this adaptor, please contact me, i can then provide it for free ...


if you buy some Lauterbach tools ;-)


Jean-Pierre Paradiso

Sales Manager


PS :

we are also developping a new ETM adapter compatible with our partner DAVE (DAVE Embedded Systems ) that develop very nice eval board on iMX6 called AXEL EVB

will be available soon through the official DAVE  distributor in France : Cynetis