How to create copy of KSDK example in KDS

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Because of proliferating questions to “how can I work with copy of KSDK example” or “I am not successful with creation new MQX project with SDK, what I do wrong?”


I decided to do this this short step by step tutorial.


To do this procedure is needed the script, which creates Anthony Huereca and bat file created by me.

Thanks to it is possible to create copy of any example which is based on KSDK.

This script allows to work with real copy of KSDK example, which is choosen.

It can be called like working copy. It is possible to edit any example and  build on this demo user´s own application.

It is also much easier than e.g. creating new MQX project, which is quite lengthy process – always must think of correct settings paths, including libraries etc. In this situation is everything copyied (compiler settings, linker, preprocessor…)

First of all is describe the utilization of the script. The script renames the original name of the demo to new one. So, user gets full-fledged copy.

The main essence of the matter is that the script must be in location with other examples.

I hope it helps a lot of us.


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