Low Power Application Using the SDK

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Hello Kinetis users!


I thought this would be the best place to share this code.  Attached is an example of how to use the power manager in the 1.0.0 release of the Kinetis SDK.  It is essentially the legacy low power demo ported to the SDK.  Now, the SDK doesn't provide functions to de-initialize the pins so some of it is a little messy, but it should still help to show you how to use the power manager and how to get in and out of low power modes. 


The supported platforms are:








To install the demo, simply unzip the file to the "demos" folder of your SDK installation.  All of the links in the demo are relative so you shouldn't have any trouble.  However, if you do experience any issues, please let me know so that I can correct the issues. 


To run the demo, simply build and download the application (a guide of how to do this is provided in the device specific User's Guide in your SDK installation).  Then perform a power-on reset (you always want to do that when working with low power applications) and connect a terminal utility with the following settings:


- 19200 baud rate

- 8 data bits

- No parity

- 1 stop bit

- No flow control


Then follow the on-screen instructions. 


As a reminder to those wishing to understand low power operations and the Kinetis devices a little more, we do have an Application Note out there to help explain low power operations:  AN4503 Power Management for Kinetis and ColdFire+ MCUs.  This Application Note is in the process of being updated with Kinetis SDK information and is scheduled to be re-published sometime this year.