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File uploaded by Derek Snell Employee on Oct 9, 2014
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MQX includes a great demo for the web server in \<MQX_Path>\demo\web_hvac.  The web pages in this demo show how MQX can serve up data through the web server, and dynamically update the web page, for example the thermostat hvac properties are updated every second.  Also, the user can use a web page form to submit data to the server and update the application, like changing the temperature set point.  This is done with HTML forms, javascript, and CGI running in the MQX application.


However, the web_pages directory in the web_hvac demo is missing the actual source files for the web pages.  Starting with MQX v4.0.2, they disappeared from the MQX release.  And since then, the web server APIs and CGI functionality has changed. 


Posted here is the web_page directory for web_hvac, including the source code for the web pages.