Guideline: How to select the correct Freescale Pressure Sensor for my Application

Document created by Jose Alberto Reyes Morales Employee on Oct 8, 2014
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Hi Folks,

Due to a very high number of questions from our customers regarding how to select the proper Freescale Pressure Sensor for their applications I have decided to create this illustrated, step-by-step easy to follow guideline about how to do it by yourself.


Step 1:

Go to

Then click on “Pressure Sensors”


Now you should see the following window:



And at this point everything is intuitive and basically the rest for select the proper Freescale Pressure Sensor depends on the requirements of your application.

However, in order to trying to give you a better explanation, I’m doing an example:


For this example let assume that my application requirements are as follow:

  1. Pressure measurement range up to 100kPa (higher priority parametric search for my app)
  2. Absolute Pressure Sensor
  3. Analog Output
  4. Integrated
  5. Side Ported
  6. Mount surface Package: SOP 8 (*I added the “Package Type” Parametric Search) (lower priority)

*You can add or remove search parameters clicking on the “Show/Hide Parameters” button. 


Based on the mentioned requirements, I selected the check boxes on the Parametric Search Window starting from the parametric with higher priority and leaving the parametric with lower priority at the end, and as a result I will get something like the image below:


* You can leave unselected check boxes if are not important for your application, for my example from the image above I leave the “Ambient Operating Temperature” option unselected.


So, from the initial 37 pressure sensors options I have to select, now the list it’s reduced to only 1 option, so, for this particular example, the MPXV5100 is the best solution for my application.


If there are any questions regarding this guideline, please feel free to ask below. Your feedback or suggestions are also welcome.