Kinetis Design Studio V1.1.0: Release Notes and News

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(NOTE: this document gets constantly updated with new information)


Release Notes and News: Kinetis Design Studio V1.1.0

Version Date: 05-Aug-2014




The Kinetis Design Studio is a complimentary (free of charge) IDE and tool chain to develop, build and debug embedded applications for Freescale Kinetis Devices.

It is based on open source software including Eclipse, GNU compiler and GDB Debugger.

The Kinetis Design Studio is offered for free, and support for it is provided through this Freescale Kinetis Design Studio Community Forum.


Setup Files and Installation

The software can be downloaded from the download section here: Kinetis Design Studio Integrated Development |Freescale.

Currently, installation files are provided for Windows 7/8 (.exe) and Ubuntu 32-bit (.deb).

NOTE: Installation files for RedHat/Centos (.rpm) have not been released yet, but we expect either a workaround or a fix shortly.

NOTE: To have the full device support (e.g. KV31 devices) and Kintetis SDK support, you have to install the Kinetis SDK and install the KDS Eclipse update in <sdk installation>\tools\eclipse_update.


Documentation and Release Notes

The documentation page on hosts several documents:

  • Fact Sheet: Information about Kinetis Design Studio
  • User Guide: Installation and Setup, first steps with Kinetis Design Studio
  • Porting Guide: How to port applications from CodeWarrior to Kinetis Design Studio.
  • Release Notes: Information about device support, known issues and workarounds.

As the information and release notes are constantly updated, an update of the infomation is provided in the "Release Note Update" section below.

Migrating from KDS V1.0.1 (Beta) to KDS V1.1.0

If you have the beta version installed, there is no need to uninstall it. Uninstall it once you migrated everything from the beta to the V1.1.0.

If you have a workspace or projects from the beta version, it is recommended that you start with a new workspace (do not share a workspace between different versions!).

You should be able to migrate 'normal' projects easily. However, Kinetis SDK projects will not be able to be migrated easily, because there has been a lot of changes.

If you are migrating a Kinetis SDK project, then the best advice is to create a new project with KDS V1.1.0 and then move your own files over.


Release Note Updates and News

This section contains updates and news after publication of the release notes:

  • 05-Aug-14: Installation for RedHat/Centos 32-bit: the installation files are on hold right now. Watch for an annoucement in this community forum.
  • 05-Aug-14: OpenOCD for FRDM-K22F board: KDS does not support OpenOCD for the K22F on these boards yet. Instead, a Segger (see FRDM-K22F: Debugging with Segger J-Link OpenSDAv2.1 Firmware or P&E debug application can be used until there will be an OpenOCD update for KDS. Watch for an announcement in this community forum.


Thanks for using the Kinetis Design Studio!



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