Reaction measuring game on a FRDM-KL46 board using KDS

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Reaction game in KDS




A project made in KDS using the FRDM-MKL46Z256VLL4 board's LCD screen and the two switches, SW1 and SW3, to create a reaction testing game.

Hold the board with both of your thumbs above the two switches.

After "rdy" (ready) appears, the screen will either display "left", "righ" (right), or "both" and you must press the appropriate button(s).

It will then display your reaction time in milliseconds.

You initially get 1000ms to react, this decreases by 25ms for every point you score to a minimum of 500ms.

1 point is given per correct response.

If you do not react fast enough, or press the wrong button(s), you lose the game.

Once you lose, your score will be displayed and then the game will reset back at "rdy" with the 1000ms time to react.



You can cheat by pressing both buttons every time, this will not work 100% of the time though.