Using the FRDM-MK64 Board to write to Accelerometer data to an SD Card in KDS

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Writing to Acceleometer data to SD Card in KDS




A project made in KDS using the FRDM-MK64FN1MOVLL12 board to write the Accelerometer data to an SD Card.

Every second, the time and the value of the variables x, y and z taken from the Accelerometer will be written to an SD Card.

They will be written in a log.txt file, which will be created if it does not exist.

The LED will flash green every second when writing.

In case of an error, the LCD will flash red every second.


Sections of code taken from




Time will always begin at 17:51:31 after being flashed.

This is due to it being set as such at TmDt1_Init.