MQX™ RTOS Patch Release

Document created by Enrique Ochoa Vazquez Employee on Jun 19, 2014
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The new Freescale MQX™ patch release is now available on the



·         Files available








MQX™ RTOS Patch Release Notes


Freescale   MQX RTOS Patch

This patch release is based on the MQX™ RTOS 4.1.0 release   and provides the solutions to software issues identified in the released   version.


·         Patch Description

o   This patch provides the software workarounds for these issues identified in MQX 4.1.0 release:

§  IPv6 ping issues

·         Crashes during a ping from an unknown host (IPv6 only).

·         An unhandled interrupt is generated when using the IPv6 ping.

§  TCP/UDP issues

·         IPv4 sends an MSS and window size with a SYN. A SYN without an MSS or with a window size zero is dropped by some firewalls.

·         IPv6 UDP close issue. IPv6 only reuses the same IP and port.

·         Fixed the incorrect RTCS_selectset() unblocking.

§  APP protocol issues

·         TELNET and Eth_to_serial peformance improvement.

·         HTTPSRV accesses data incorrectly in a session buffer while searching for SSI.

·         FTPSRV session close is missing a shutdown of a data socket.

§  BSP issues

·         The TWR-K70F120M BSP is unstable when the DDR2 SDRAM is in high use due to incorrect DDR settings.