Motor Control Class: Motor Control System

Video created by dumitru-daniel.popa Employee on Jul 9, 2017

    This video shows the overall motor control application developed with Model Based Design Toolbox. We are going to assemble all the blocks developed throughout this course and we will have the motor running under Speed Controller supervision.

    We also discuss about the FreeMASTER and you can easily create nice control panels for the applications and how you can validate the Speed Controller and overall Motor Control application.



    We discuss about:

    - Speed Controller implementation in Simulink for real time systems;

    - Motor and Inverter protection for over-current, over- and under-voltage;

    - FreeMASTER control panel using HTML and Java Script;

    - Various tests on the MPC5744P DevKit and MotorGD DevKit;


    NOTE: Chinese viewers can watch the video on YOUKU using this link