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Instruction Bus Error

Question asked by Naren chandra on Jul 7, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2020 by Naren chandra

Hi Team , 


We are using IMXRT 1020 EVK and everything was going good , we have recently got our EVK Fabricated,

In EVK we have MIMXRT1021DAG5A

In our custom board we have MIMXRT1021CAG4A


We are flashing the custom board using PE Micro Universal JTAG.


We have taken the GPIO Output example from the SDK , the same example when flashed on EVK is working fine but when we flash our custom board we are facing problem .


We are getting no log in the console window but if we see the Faults Widget in the IDE  

We are getting below errors 


In the Disassembly window the execution is struck at "00209c66" 


We are using the same memory driver in the MCU setting as the EVK 


IBUSERR Instruction Bus error 

Forced -  Indicated a forced hard fault , Generated by escalation of a fault with configurable priority that cannot be handled . either because of priority or because it is disabled 


We have tested adding break points , the code is being executed till the end of while (1) , but in the next iteration it is going into hard fault .


What could be the reason for this fault ?


Will the chips be loaded with basic bootloader so that they can be flashed so that the binary goes into QSPI based external memory , we have the same schematic as the EVK.