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LSDK1909 weston compilation failure on custom docker container

Question asked by Rita Fang on Feb 13, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2020 by Rita Fang

I am having trouble building a ls1088ardb_pb image (with CONFIG_APP_SECURE_OBJ and CONFIG_APP_OPTEE enabled) via LSDK 19.09 on a docker amd64 Ubuntu 18.04.3 container.


I have seen previous questions about this (LSDK weston build error , compilation failure  flexbuild_lsdk1909_update_221019 "app" component 'weston' ) and tried running "sudo apt install -y binfmt-support qemu-system-common qemu-user-static" in the container, but the issue still exists.


Additionally, because I do not have sudo permissions on the host machine, I am not able to run "flex-builder docker" on the host, and so I've been mounting to the LSDK directory and installing the apt-get dependencies within the container manually.