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USB Custom class for RT106x

Question asked by Carsten Groen on Jan 1, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2019 by Carsten Groen


I need to make support for some PC tools we are using for an existing product (LPC2458/LPC1788/LPC54608). On this we are using a custom USB class (using 2 bulk endpoints transferring data from device to PC and 2 bulk endpoints transferring data from PC to the device).
I can't find any examples on custom classes in the RT10xx SDK's, there are a lot of the usual CDC, HID etc etc, but these are tightly "mangled" in with the USB library and it seems like a daunting task to take this apart to make a custom class driver (LOTS of #define and undocumented stuff going on). 


This thread explains what I'm trying to accomplish, the thread is from when I did the porting to LPC5460x devices: Custom USB class using USBROM (for LPC54608 and alike), code to grab  

Basically what I'm after is something along the lines of this...


Are there any examples "out there" for doing this, or am I totally on my own ??