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Blue debug button irregular behavior

Question asked by SCOTT MILLER on Aug 10, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2018 by SCOTT MILLER

I've asked about this before, but it got buried.  I'm going to try to keep my posts to a single issue each and work through them one at a time.


The MCUX docs say I'm not supposed to use the green debug button.  I often haven't had a choice because the blue one hasn't always worked in the past.  It's working now, mostly, but this doesn't seem like it should be the standard behavior:


Dropbox - 2018-08-10 12-34-39.mp4 


The first issue is that it makes me choose the configuration I want each time, which is a little annoying.  Hitting F11 is a lot faster.  More annoying is the fact that the screen layout doesn't let me see which configuration is which - it can display about 9 characters for each name.


It pauses for a few seconds after that, and then asks AGAIN for the configuration, this time with only the P&E options shown.  After that it starts.  When I halt and run through the exact same thing again, it takes even longer and this time it comes up with the probe selection, too - which still shows two copies of the same P&E Cyclone ACP despite all of my efforts to get rid of the duplicate.


What's the deal?  Does it do this for everyone?