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How can I use the external interrupt of board KL27Z?

Question asked by Tiago Bezerra Marinho on Sep 25, 2017



Someone could help me? I'm working with the board KL27Z and I've just used digital input and output, but now I want to use external interrupt. Unfortunately, I don't know how to configure and write the programming, for example, which lines or library I've to add in my project.
For now, I'm just trying to turn it on or off a LED when I push the putton, without use just digital input (that we need to wait to be read the lines in "main" fuction to read the action). 


Thank you! 


Just one more thing, someone have something (books, links, blogs) to study and improve my knowledge with KL27Z? At now, I'm trying to discover by me (debugging and compiling) and sometimes I'm here to ask help (like now, haha).