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Impossible to build MCUXpresso project based on imported SDK through Jenkins

Question asked by Nicolas Lignée on Jul 25, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2018 by Kushal Dumre



I try to build a MCUXpresso project though Jenkins for a while. The fact is that I have a java exception at the end of the build through Jenkins that I don't have in MCUXpresso. When I go to the .log file, it seems that this java exception is raised because Jenkins doesn't find the "part support" for the project (in my case the MCU KW41Z512xxx4).
By testing a lot of different configurations, here are all my clues :


- The build is working with a project based on a preinstalled MCU
- The build is not working with a project based on a imported MCU
- The command used to build in Jenkins works fine in the windows command prompt
- When I launch a command prompt from Jenkins with the same command than on windows, it doesn't work


It seems that Jenkins is not able to find the SDK configuration imported to build the project.


Any idea to solve the problem ?

thank you.