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How can I save date in the EEPROM from microcontroller? Are there any EEPROM component for this?

Question asked by Arturo Arteaga on Apr 15, 2017
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Firstly I would like to thank you in advance.


I'm working in a development with MK20DX256VLH7 microcontroller. In my development I have to manage a great quantity of data that I have to keep saved. I would like to use EEPROM memory or any other memory that it works in the same way in this microcontroller or any non-volatile memory. Do you know how can I acccess at this memory?? Do I have to attach a new component of this memory in the Project or another component? How does it work?? Do you Know fuctions that they work with this component and they allowed me to access to the memory.


Thanks again,


Arturo Arteaga