FR_NO_FILESYSTEM error on FAFTS working SD card FAT32 with MCI interface on LPC1788

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Hello everybody,

I've tried to inicialize a SD card using the elm-chan.org FATFS library with a LPC1788 and the MCI interface.

I manage to recognize the card but I can't make the library work.

I've tried to inicialize a SD card like I show you right here but f_open keeps me throwing FR_NO_FILESYSTEM:

en_Mci_CardType cardType;
uint32_t i,j;
BYTE buffer[64];
FRESULT result;
static FATFS fs;      
FIL objectFIL;

memset(buffer, 0, 64);


result = f_mount(0, &fs);

cardType = MCI_GetCardType();

result = f_open(&objectFIL, "0:SDCARD/archive1.txt", FA_OPEN_EXISTING |FA_READ);

Here is the part of the code inside f_open where it makes that:

fmt = check_fs(fs, bsect = 0);/* Check sector 0 as an SFD format */
if (fmt == 1) {/* Not an FAT boot record, it may be patitioned */
/* Check a partition listed in top of the partition table */
tbl = &fs->win[MBR_Table + LD2PT(vol) * 16];/* Partition table */
if (tbl[4]) {/* Is the partition existing? */
bsect = LD_DWORD(&tbl[8]);/* Partition offset in LBA */
[color=#f00]fmt = check_fs(fs, bsect);/* Check the partition */[/color]
if (fmt == 3) return FR_DISK_ERR;
[color=#00c]if (fmt || LD_WORD(fs->win+BPB_BytsPerSec) != SS(fs))/* No valid FAT patition is found */
return FR_NO_FILESYSTEM;[/color]

The line in red returns me fmt=2 so later in the blue line it finds that the partition is not valid.

checl_fs is in here:

BYTE check_fs (/* 0:The FAT boot record, 1:Valid boot record but not an FAT, 2:Not a boot record, 3:Error */
FATFS *fs,/* File system object */
DWORD sect/* Sector# (lba) to check if it is an FAT boot record or not */
if (disk_read(fs->drive, fs->win, sect, 1) != RES_OK)/* Load boot record */
return 3;
if (LD_WORD(&fs->win[BS_55AA]) != 0xAA55)/* Check record signature (always placed at offset 510 even if the sector size is >512) */
return 2;

if ((LD_DWORD(&fs->win[BS_FilSysType]) & 0xFFFFFF) == 0x544146)/* Check "FAT" string */
return 0;
if ((LD_DWORD(&fs->win[BS_FilSysType32]) & 0xFFFFFF) == 0x544146)
return 0;

return 1;

I would extremely apreciate any kind of help,

Thank you very much !