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Reset problems with the Kinetis K02FN128VLH10 microcontroller

Question asked by Michal Pokorny on Apr 22, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2015 by Hui_Ma

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I have problems with the Kinetis K02FN128VLH10 microcontroller in my application unfortunately and I am not sure, if it is a hardware or software mistake. Firstly if I the microcontroller empty (before programming), then the RESET input signal has logical one level. But after first connecting a debugger (Segger J-link through the SWD interface) and downloading the software application the 1.6 up to 10 kHz impulses appear at the RESET pin which is signalized with the red LED fleshing on the debugger. If I connect the debugger again and through the Kinetis design studio or any applications download the software inside the processor, everything works and I am able to step the program etc. Bud if I disconnected the debugger and switch off/on the power supply of the application then the pulses at the RESET appeared again. I also had to modified the key for the Watchdog unlocking (key2 instead key1) because the key1 cause reset processor in the debug mode too. Anyway the tested application works with the developing kit (FRDM-K22F) without any problems. Could I apply you for your help? Certainly I could send you additional information (parts of schematic, code or oscilloscope charts etc.), if it would be necessary. Really thank you in advance and


Yours sincerely


Michal Pokorny