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iMX287 Application UART - No data over wire

Question asked by Kiran Nevaskar on Feb 12, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2015 by jimmychan

I am using application uart of iMX287. I am using AUART2 on the same.

Initially to test AUART I did echo "Hello World" /dev/ttySP2.

This ended with some error/warning "Usage: mxmxs-auart mxs-auart.2: Unhandled status 52028d".

On forum I came to know about this could be some parity or framing error. I am not sure how simple echo can lead to such kind of errors.


Then I tested one of my working program (tested one on iMX233) with the iMX287 board that also lead to same error/warning. In that code I have used no parity.

Later I enable DMA for this AUART and compiled linux kernel ( and tested the code. After enabling DMA I haven't seen any "Usage: mxmxs-auart mxs-auart.2: Unhandled status 52028d".


But I am not able to see any data over wire. I tested minicom with and without DMA. With minicom I was not able to see any data over TX/RX lines.


Unfortunately "cat /proc/tty/driver/auart" show TX/RX count to be zero. Someone on forum has mentioned that those counters are disable for security reasons.


Has anyone faced such kind of issue?