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Kinetis Design Studio  USB "3TR Timeout!" in khci.c

Question asked by Robert Hana on Aug 25, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2017 by Giac Dinh



    At the moment I am working with host_msd_fatfs_frdmk22f120m_bm (but attempting to run this on an MK22FN1MOVLQ12. The system has been tested with other USB projects in CodeWarrior 10.6 so I know it works.) I can get debug messages through RS-232, and after I put in a USB stick I will get this output:


USB file system test

Waiting for USB mass storage to be attached...

3TR Timeout!


The  USB vectors are the same, so I would expect any interrupts from the USB module to work without issue.The register values in the USB module

show activity.


in khci.c the message is generated here inside usb_khci_task(), and after detecting "usb_host_ptr->device_attached" is true:


  else if (( tr_state == KHCI_TR_TRANSMITING))


            if (curr_msg.pipe_desc->pipetype != USB_INTERRUPT_PIPE)


                if ((_usb_khci_get_total_frame_count(usb_host_ptr) - curr_msg.frame) > TIMEOUT_OTHER )


                    res = KHCI_ATOM_TR_BUS_TIMEOUT;

                    tr_state = KHCI_TR_TRANSMIT_DONE;

                    done_msg = curr_msg;

                    printf("3TR Timeout!\n");






Any idea on what could be happening? Am I correct in assuming that the MK22F51212 code for USB should run on an MK22FN1MOVLQ12?