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D4D eGUI External Memory Bitmap Images

Question asked by Michael Taliaferro on Jun 12, 2014
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I am attempting to store raw bitmap images in NAND flash, move them to external memory (DDR2), and then setup my pictures in D4D to point to this picture data.  The NAND Flash and DDR2 portions of my code are working, but I am not able to successfully get D4D to display the image.  I am wondering if anyone has any tips for storing bitmap pictures/images in DDR that are not a file sitting on a filesystem such as MFS or FFS.


I've been trying to change the D4D macro's/structures to not require 'const' for everything, but this had other unintended consequences with MQX in that I was having problems with _mem_extend().


I am using the k70 tower kit w/ MQX 4.0 & D4D 3.0.


Thanks for looking!


-Mike T