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Example for K70 + MQX 4 + eGUI 3 + TWR-LCD

Question asked by friederschrempf on May 28, 2013
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I'm still trying to get the TWR-K70F120M to work with a TWR-LCD module (non RGB) over FlexBus or SPI.

After spending a lot of time trying SPI but without luck (TWR-LCD with eGUI (D4D) and MQX on TWR-K70F120M) I decided to try the FlexBus interface. But I'm not able to get anything on the display!

What changes are needed when I start from a basic setup of:

  • CodeWarrior 10.3
  • MQX 4.0.1
  • TWR-K70F120M
  • TWR-LCD attached
  • standard BSP with SPI2 enabled
  • eGUI 3


I modified d4d_user_config.h to use d4dlcd_ssd1289 and d4dlcdhw_mqx_fb. What else must be changed?

Has someone got a working project for this setup that he/she would like to upload?