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Disconnection bug?

Question asked by Antonio Quevedo on May 5, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2015 by David Nemes



I have ran into what seems to be a bug in beta version, and I have not found any answers for that so far. When I am running debugger, if I click on "Disconnect" button, the debugger should disconnect and the program should keep running on target board. However, when I try to disconnect, the program halts. The debugger acts as if I had clicked the "Terminate" button.


I have tried that with a blinking LED program, using Processor Expert with a BitIO for the LED and a periodic interrupt timer. When I click on "Disconnect" the program halts. I have tried that with both a FRDM-KL25 board (P&E Multilink OpenSDA interface) or a FRDM-K64F (Segger J-Link interface).


Am I doing anything wrong? Or is this a real bug?