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PEx 10.4 has error in FLASH_LDD that 10.3 didn't have (re FLASH_LDD, SIM_ClockGate_FTFE)

Question asked by James Vasil on Apr 8, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2014 by James Vasil

I have a PEx 10.3 project using the MK64FN1M0VLQ12 that generated code with no errors.

After upgrading to PEx 10.4, PEx indicates that there are two errors.  The first is "Error in the inherited component settings (FLASH_LDD)".

The second is "Problem in component: property model is not supported by the selected processor: SIM_ClockGate_FTFE (Device)".

When I examine IFsh1:IntFLASH with the Component Inspector, the property FLASH is set to FTFE (no other choices in the drop down) and the FLASH_LDD property is set to FLASH_LDD.


Unfortunately, none of this gives a clue that I understand about (a) what is wrong or (b) how I can fix this issue.


When I try to compile the generated code in IAR Embedded Workbench, there are five errors in CPU_Init.c.

One is a complaint that WhCPU_CLOCK_PMODE_CONFIG_0 is undefined in this code:


static const CPU_TClockConfigDescriptor CPU_ClockConfigDescriptors[CPU_CLOCK_CONFIG_NUMBER] = {

  #if defined(CPU_CLOCK_CONFIG_0)

  /* Clock configuration 0 */


    CPU_MCG_MODE_CONFIG_0,             /* Clock generator mode */

    WhCPU_CLOCK_PMODE_CONFIG_0,          /* Very low power mode enable/disable */

    {                                  /* MCG registers */


The other four are all pointing out that CPU_CLOCK_IRC48M_MASK is undefined in code that looks like this:


        } else if (TargetMode & CPU_CLOCK_IRC48M_MASK) {


Any suggestions for how to fix or work around this problem will be appreciated!