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Capturing YUV420 from MIPI CSI camera for VPU compression

Question asked by ofer.livny on Jan 17, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2013 by Ivan Kozic

Hi guys,


I'm using the iMX6Q MIPI CSI and IPU to capture video from a camera.

My camera supports multiple data types, and I am able to capture with the data-types: RGB and YUV422.


I am now experimenting with YUV420, and I hope I'll be able to send the video stream into the VPU for compression (Which only supports YUV420 for most codecs).


Well, it is not clear by the iMX6 and IPU spec if I can use this YUV420 datatype:

According to IMX6DQRM.pdf I found that the MIPI component supports all formats, CSI2IPU component supports all format, but it seems that the IPU does not support YUV420 (it is missing from the description of register IPUx_CSI0_SENS_CONF)


If I understand correctly, I can only use YUV420 if I configure it as a GENERIC MIPI data, and I won't be able to have the IPU working on it (i.e. stream the frame through its conversion block, or format converter in the IDMAC)


However, since the VPU codecs can only work on YUV420, is it possible to create a capture loop which compresses the video without using CPU for format conversion ?



Please advice