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NTSC field order flipped with e-CAMNT_MX53x

Question asked by fcs on Apr 18, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2014 by augusto

We are capturing NTSC video using an e-consystems e-CAMNT_MX53x (using tvp5147m1_tvin.ko) plugged into an i.MX53 Quick Start Board.


We run the e-consystems demo program selecting option 2 for NTSC and option 5 to combine the odd and even fields.


The field order is flipped, I think it is related to analog PAL being "upper field first" and NTSC being "lower field first". It is as if the capture board never switches to NTSC field order.


We have tried two different NTSC video sources, one of which was a camcorder.


However there is no field order problem with PAL signals.


We believe there is something missing from the e-consystems drivers that tells the capture board to interpret the fields correctly. We have looked in the i.MX53 Reference Manual but haven't found what hardware interface controls this.