FlexCAN Driver for the iMX6 Dual Lite?

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FlexCAN Driver for the iMX6 Dual Lite?

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I've been working with the Udoo Dual (iMX6 Dual Lite CPU) for the past few weeks trying to get the CAN/FlexCAN driver working in Linux with no luck.  The issue seems to be that the driver in the Udoo kernel (based on the Freescale 3.0.35 kernel) doesn't seem to setup the registers properly leaving the chip always in a halt or reset state.  I was wondering if someone could point me to a working kernel driver for the Dual Lite, so that I could try to port that code into the Udoo kernel sources that are at UDOOboard/Kernel_Unico · GitHub

I've tried posting this on the Udoo forums as well, but no one over there seems to be using the CAN bus.

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