Data Transfer through WEIM bus on IMX51 EVK

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Data Transfer through WEIM bus on IMX51 EVK

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        i have IMX51 EVK board which is having WEIM port through which i can transfer data to other boards.I have studied chapter 63 in RM and other docs of freescale too but didn't found them very useful. Following are my questions in this respect:

1).What are the steps to write data in WEIM port.

2).How i can transfer 16 bit data on this port as this is Multiplexed Address/data bus.

3).How i can transfer data on 12 different addresses on this port  as i have to send data on 12 boards having a FPGA on them and are connected through WEIM BUS.

4)Can simple memory read/write functions or memtool(provided in freescale BSP) can perform above task,if yes how ?

Any example source code or web link will be highly appreciated.


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