Connecting to GM BCM in 2003 Truck and/or ODBII (Also ODBII with '98 Olds Intrigue)

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Connecting to GM BCM in 2003 Truck and/or ODBII (Also ODBII with '98 Olds Intrigue)

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I posted a similar question like this in another forum but I didn't realize this group was here and that i would likely have a better chance here.

I am a Software Engineering student and I am working on a couple projects for vehicles of mine. I think the experience will provide me a great start towards working in the automotive field or at a minimum can be used as "Rolling Resume's". Not to mention the Geek content of having a totally connected vehicle.

I purchased a i.MX53 QSB to start "playing around? with some concepts. Likely will use this board in my car and an iWave i.MX SOM board with custom carrier board for the truck.

I have a '98 Oldsmobile Intrigue and a 2003 Chevy Avalanche.

With the Intrigue I plan to simply add an ODB II interface for simple diagnostic access. Probably build one based on the STN1110 IC or get a USB adapter based on one. This vehicle will likely just use the i.MX QSB I purchased because it will only be used as a infotainment system with GPS navigation. Because my daughter will be driving this car I plan to also save real time video and GPS tracking information. I may also build in a car start and security system as well which will run when the car is off.

On my 2003 Truck it is my understanding many of the "user comfort features" are connected via a vehicle wide network. I have heard that this is used by *OnStar to do things like Unlock doors, close windows, diagnose engine trouble lights. Is this simply using the ODBII bus (Using a STN1110ic) or is it using a special internal network? With my truck I plan to build a much more sophisticated system that will interact with the trucks systems and allow me to interface into whatever systems the BCM controls building a security system and advanced user interface/comfort system. Thus the need to interface directly to the BCM as if the i.MX board is just another node on the network. (Aftermarket Automotive systems tie into this to provide more robust Security systems and When replacing the Radio so I know the information should be out there and readily available. )  This board will also provide a Navigation system and potentially 2 Live feed Videos. A rear facing view and a Forward Facing view. These views I will be attempting to save the video for "Accident/Incident" proof and potentially use these views along with radar systems to identify possible collision as well as help with night vision. I will want to process these feeds similar to the Android App "iOnRoad".
Other than the navigation no other infotainment stuff will be done with an i.MX board because I will have a full blown i7 based PC that will be installed in the truck to handle those features.

I am asking this stuff because I know both the i.MX5 and i.MX6 series board support CAN and I am curious if this would be utilized in both of my cars to interface into the car network. My understanding is GM didn't make their system CAN compatible until much later.

If I put a ODBII device in my car and hook to the i.MX board will I have full access to the BCM or do I need something else? I notice that Freescale has a number of automotive solutions and it is quite possible that most of the devices I will be hooking to already have Freescale based IC's in them.

Thanks for help here. I am sure as I build these projects I will have many questions.


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