CAAM support in wolfSSL

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CAAM support in wolfSSL

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Greetings NXP Community!

wolfSSL wanted to remind our NXP partner network that wolfSSL has gone to great lengths to add and maintain support for the CAAM driver for offloading cryptographic operations to hardware resulting in better performance and reduced footprint!  wolfSSL is an SSL/TLS software library that supports up to TLS 1.3 and provides some of the most rigorously tested cryptography in the world!

A blog post was published on the wolfSSL website in October of 2018 that included some benchmark performance numbers on a supported NXP i.MX6 with Green Hills Integrity OS. Here is a link to those benchmark results!

i.MX6 CAAM with Integrity OS - wolfSSL 

We also added some graphics comparing software to hardware performance in MB/s: wolfSSL and wolfCrypt Benchmarks | Embedded SSL/TLS Library 

To date wolfSSL has written one custom driver for the Green Hills Integrity OS for accessing the CAAM from application space and wolfSSL has also tested with existing Linux drivers using the cryptodev-linux and AF_ALG modules! (AF_ALG + Cryptodev-linux - wolfSSL )

If you need support for another OS or a custom driver wolfSSL Engineers are capable and we provide custom engineering services to help users get up and running with their projects! Contact wolfSSL anytime at support <at> wolfssl <dot> com if you have any questions or would like to know more about CAAM support in wolfSSL or one of our other products (wolfSSH, wolfMQTT, wolfBoot etc.)

Warmest Regards and thank you for your time,

- The wolfSSL Team

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