Add a custom codec component to OMXPlayer

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Add a custom codec component to OMXPlayer

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Hi all,

In multimedia framework of 10.3.1 android, there are 3 players to play media. They are OMXPlayer,MidiFile,StagefrightPlayer.

OMXPlayer is provided by FSL as .so library. It includes omx core, omx codec component and omx data pipe.

Now I want to add a new codec(such as *.mymp4), also it should be displayed by ipu.

So could I add a new omx codec component(according to openmax IL interface)? Then I register it in /etc/component_register. Could OMXPlayer recognize and play it correctly?

Since there isn't any source code of OMXPlayer, is it reasonable?

PS:Although StagefrightPlayer supports to add a custom codec, but I don't think it use overlay. It should be displayed by SW.

Thanks a lot!

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