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This page contains the technical information for the FRDM-JAM shield.    This includes the Schematics, Bill of Materials (BOM),  Gerber Files and raw design files. See the attachments section.   There are 2 versions long this page.  Rev Gamma and Rev Delta.

Rev Gamma:

     This was the version for designed around the K20D50 FRDM board.   At the time of the design,  the FRDM-K64F did not exsist

Rev Delta

This version added IO connections to be able to use the FRDM-K64F.    The FRDM-K64F uses a different I2S pinout so a jumper had to be added as well as the QSPI RAM devices in Gamma had to be remove

Other Special Notes about Rev Delta

  • Rev Delta was design such that a FRDM-K64 could be used.      There is not yet firmware available but the hardware now allows connection to the K64F I2S interface.
  • Rev Delta requires that J16 must be cut on the FRDM-K20D50 PCB.  There is a trace connecting the pads of J16 on the bottom side of the FRDM-K20D50.      This cut allows the audio transmit frame sync to work properly.   The signal INT2_ACCEL on the FRDM-K20D50 was interfering with the signal on the FRDM-JAM
  • Rev Delta Introduced an I/O mapping bug.  IO Epsilon connects to PTC9 of the K20D50.     This also maps to the I2S RXD if using with the K64F and is also routed to PTC5 of the K20D50.     Do not use IO epsilon in your code unless you make the proper PCB modifications.


Example software, video tutorials tutorials, cool demos, etc are location on the page for MonkeyJam project located here.

MBED Support coming *very soon*


  • You can order PCBs through OSHPark or your favorite board house.   There is a special .zip file with files ready to go for OSHPark (using their preferred naming convention).
  • There is a complete design package which has the raw design files (Altium Designer Format) as well as gerbers,  a Bill of materials,  assembly plots etc.  Look in the "BUILD_PACKAGE" folder for the stuff needed to make the board.
  • A PDF Schematic is also provided for easy reference.

If you are interested in a low cost pre-fabbed board or a fully assembled version,  please leave a comment.  A kickstarter project may follow to get a bunch built!

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Hi there, I'm interested in getting an assembled board.

We are thinking about how to get a kickstarter going.   An announcement will be made when everything is ready.   In the mean time don't be afraid to order th3 raw PCBs yourself and hack!

Hello Eli,

Can we buy the component kits directly from you or do we have to get them from DigiKey and Mouser ?

You have to acquire the parts

Do you have any suggestions where I can get them in one place?

I wish I could.     The DAC and ADC aren't available at Digikey so it can't be from one source.  There is a BOM that should help.

I sent you an email.  I plan on doing a Kickstarter in 2015.  Hopefully I can get the Kits put together.

Just ordered the boards from Osh Park and enough parts for three boards from Mouser.  About $100 for 3 FRDM-JAM shields

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