Advanced Cameras (NTSC) for Freescale Cup Part I

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Advanced Cameras (NTSC) for Freescale Cup Part I

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Advanced Cameras (NTSC) for Freescale Cup Part I

In this training video we will decompose an NTSC video signal to gaining understanding of how to capture video data from a "analog" camera.

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Is it permitted to use this chip in the contest?

Best Regards,

Hello Andres,

It is not permitted to use. This can be done with the processor and no other pre-processing stage is allowed.

Kind Regards,

Hello Damaris,

Regarding the chip mentioned by Andres, and this whole tutorial posted here on the FREESCALE COMUNITY, I would like to add the following (I am quoting from the FREESCALE CUP rules and regulations for the competition):


1.  You may create custom boards and are not required to use the provided Freescale development board(s). Must follow the same rules as stated in number 2 below.

2.  The electronics can be modified, with some restrictions:

     a.  A Freescale 32-bit MCU must be used.

    b.  One processor - No auxiliary processor or other programmable device is allowed.

     c.  The car must use a optical sensor to navigate

     d.  DC-DC boost circuit may not be used to power drive or steering motors.

     e.  DC-DC boost circuit is allowed for auxiliary circuits, eg. camera, predrivers if needed. The boosted voltage MAY not influence motors.

     f.  Total capacity of all capacitors should not exceed 2000 uF.

No part used in the making of the circuit board is considered by any means a processor because basically it can't be programmed, everything that is used in the video has the sole purpose of generating a black & white video input feed (every other image processing will be done using the FREESCALE boards provided / purchesed for the competition).

This being said, please analyze the situation and post here an official answer here, because by my opinion (taking in consideration that none of the rules of the competition are broken) the board shown in the tutorial above is as "legal" to use as it gets.

Please try to answer as soon as possible.

Best regards,


Hi Ionut, I'd like to clarify that the rules state that only 1 processor can be on the car and it has to be a 32-bit MCU from Freescale. Per the rules, points 2.a and 2.b refer to the same processing unit.

Regarding the use of the LMH1980, our technical team carefully evaluated the platform and agreed that it can be used on the Freescale Cup car during the competition. Should you be using a different part, it has to be approved by the Freescale technical team first.

Thank you very much for your fast response.

Best regards,


Hi DamarisOchoa and Deactivated user,

Now, is it allowed to use the chip?, becuase the teams from China can use it.

Best Regards,

Hello Andrés,

As Flavio mentioned. Our Technical Team re-evaluated the platform and agreed that it can be used. This rule applies to all regions.


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