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NXP CUP 2021 Finals – Congratulations to all participants!


Be part of the Finals – Join live on YouTube

The Winning Opportunities

Beyond the fact of having a great time, opportunities for learning and a certificate to include into your CV, the NXP Cup EMEA brings an envelope of €10.000 to share between the top teams.

Registration is closed

We welcome 100 Teams to the 2021 NXP CUP!

Design Phase

During the Design Phase you will equip your lab with the NXP Cup Car kit, start the assembly and coding to prepare your team for the NXP CUP Campus Races and Virtual Events.

NXP recommends the official race car equipped with connectors from our sponsor Molex. All parts are available on This car is fully supported with Courseware, Gitbook documentation and tutorials. You can also create your own car or reuse a car kit from a previous season (check out the rules). Each team gets to decide which vehicle they like best.

Chassis Motor Option Electronics Camera
  • Brush Motor Car kit
  • Brushless Motor Car kit

If you decide to buy the full kit, please contact us to get a discount for the MikroE board or FMU (each at €30!)

The following documentation helps you to get a quick start into the NXP CUP.

Gazebo Opensource Simulator
We are working full speed on introducing the opensource simulation tool Gazebo ( to the NXP CUP. Gazebo is designed to give a virtual testing room for all participants. As many labs are closed and social distancing being performed all over the place, Gazebo can be used from home at any time. With that we want to give everyone more flexibility to test and improve performance. We will give a special tutorial on Gazebo soon!

Campus Races and Virtual Competitions

Now that you have all ingredients (agenda, hardware, software) prepare yourself for the Campus Races and Virtual Competitions.

Campus Races – Prize Envelope of €6.000 from NXP Semiconductors
The Campus Races substitute the Qualifications. They require physical attendance. Your university/School can apply to host a Campus Race. You can access the supporting document to apply to create an event here. Soon we will publish the event locations on this page.

The results of the Campus Races will be transferred into the EMEA Scoring System to select the global Champion of the NXP CUP (Campus Race results = Final results). So no more travelling needed. The Campus Races happen to be between March and April 2021.

The Campus Races consists of the Speed Race and the Obstacle Avoidance Challenge where you can gain valuable extra points.

Speed Race - Fastest Lap Time:
Every university will be given the same track configuration shortly prior race. Fastest lap time wins this challenge. Mandatory Challenge.

Obstacle Avoidance Challenge sponsored by Mouser:
After completing the first round, the jury will place an obstacle on one of the straight track segments.
The race car must avoid this obstacle. The top 3 teams who pass the obstacle with the best ratings will receive a team prize of € 180
Optional Challenge (brings valuable points for the final scoring).

All details about Scoring and requirements can be found in the Rules.

Virtual Competitions
In addition to the in-person Campus Races there will be at least two Online Awards open to everyone – so no physical interaction required. You can decide to either participate in the virtual events only or compete in all events.

  1. The Electromaker Innovation Challenge with a total of €2.000 in prizes rewarding functionality, project documentation, pictures and videos.
  2. The Future of the NXP Cup Award, sponsored by Mouser and Molex, is an opportunity for teams to design a new NXP Cup challenge. Teams can win a total envelope of 1800€!

In the meantime we continue working on more extra prizes to add more variability to the CUP!

The Virtual Competition submission deadlines will be end of April 2021.

Virtual Finals and Award Ceremony

The NXP CUP EMEA Finals will be hosted on NXP’s all new Virtual Platform and we are actively planning this event for May 2021. During this 1-hour event, winners from all categories will be announced. Including the Electromaker Innovation Prize, The Best Design Award and the NXP CUP EMEA Champion (Results from Campus Races count to select the EMEA Champion). With special guests from NXP Management and our sponsors we make sure your teams get the stage you deserve!

Terms and Conditions and Data Privacy

Please read this Privacy Statement for the NXP Cup EMEA competition 2020/2021. For full Details about the Prize and the associated conditions of participation please click here.

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