NXP Technology Days - Irvine - August 28, 2018

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NXP Technology Days - Irvine - August 28, 2018

NXP Technology Days - Irvine - August 28, 2018


Body & Comfort: Exploring the Automotive General-Purpose MCU Portfolio 

Driver Experience: i.MX 8/8X Multimedia—Graphics, Display Controller, Vision, Machine Learning 

i.MX 8/8X Overview 

Artificial Intelligence, Enabling Technologies, Security & Solutions

A Vision for Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Low-cost Edge-computing Nodes 

Computing at the Edge - When, Why and How 

EdgeScale: A Solution for Secure Edge Device and Application Management from the Cloud 

Hands-On Workshop: Advanced Debugging with MCUXpresso IDE 

Hands-On Workshop: Crossover MCU Memory Expansion Advantage: Designing with Execute in Place Serial ... 

Hands-On Workshop: Learn to Get Up and Running Fast with MCUXpresso Software and Tools 

Hands-On Workshop: Using MCUXpresso Software and Tools with Amazon Web Services (AWS) 

NFC Integration in Real-time and Non-Real-time Operating Systems–How to Choose the Right NFC Product 

Smart Machinery & Industrial Automation

A71CH Plug and Trust Solution for IoT Security 

Hands-On Workshop: Get Your Motor Spinning with Kinetis Motor Suite and DC Motor Control Solutions f... 

Open Industrial Linux® (OpenIL)—Secure, Robust, Real-Time for Industrial and Automation Applications 

Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) and Precision Time Protocol (PTP): Challenges, Opportunities and Sol... 

Smarter World Solutions & Multimode Connectivity

Chip-to-Chip Interface Solutions 

Hands-On Workshop: i.MX RT Overview and Training 

How to Use Android® Things to Build Successful IoT Devices 

Identification and Authentication of Consumables and Accessories 

i.MX 8M - Next-Generation of Applications Processors for High Performance, Smart Design and Advanced... 

NXP BLE Low-Power Solutions for Consumer, Medical, Industrial IoT and Automotive Markets 

NXP Wireless Charging Solution Design—Deep Dive 

Rapid IoT Prototyping Kit 

Type-C End-to-End Solution 

Using Sensors for Low-Power IoT Applications: Tips and Tricks

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