Trouble with DDR4 on T1024

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Trouble with DDR4 on T1024

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We have a new T1024 based board with DDR4 memory. The memory we are using is Viking VPM9U1272S6B3PJ1MAT  Parallel Cell Multi Chip Memory Package. I have used the T1023RDB template and used the RAW configuration as a start and am trying to bring up the DDR4 Memory. Unfortunately I have had no success. We do not have a SPD EEPROM for this device and it is not a DIMM. 

I have changed the RCW as follows.

1. The SRDS_PRTCL is 0x06b - That is more of our requirements.

2. The CGA_PLL1_RAT has been changed to 800Mhz based on the Memory Chip Vendor recommendations.

3. The MEM_PLL_RAT is 16:1 to get 1600Mts.

4. The DDR_REFCLK_SEL has been set to 0 i.e DDRCLK pin provides the reference clock to DDR PLL.

I am not able to get into u-boot. I tried using the DDR Vlaidation tool and the Centering of Clock or the Read ODT and Driver or Write ODT and Driver functionality all show up as orange i.e Configuration Error.

The vendor gave us the SPD doc and I have used that values to configured the raw values. But no luck with and without the DDR Validation Tool.

Please let me know if there is any more information I can provide.

Thank you and any help would be appreciated on how to fix this issue.

Ram Krishnan 

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

It is reasonable to create a Technical Case for the issue:

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