AR0231 camera matching graph demo (VSDK)

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AR0231 camera matching graph demo (VSDK)

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Experts, there is a question to ask.


        I am currently developing on s32v, using the ar0231 camera + max96705 serializer+max9286 deserializer.

        Vsdk uses 3.0. BSP uses 19.0.

        The problem now is that there is no ar0231 demo program on the new sdk, and there is no matching GRAPH file. After I ran the ov10635 demo, I modified the code based on the demo of ov10635 and added the code of ar0231. Now the frame snyc of max96705 has been locked, indicating that the data of the camera has been received.

        However, without the correct graph file, the s32v side did not receive the data and the image was not displayed. Which master has this graph file? Or can a demo be sent? ? ?


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