RapidIO enumeration with USDPAA

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RapidIO enumeration with USDPAA

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Hello all,

I am using QorIQ-SDK 2.0 with the P2041, P3041 and the P4080 boards and I want to use the USDPAA drivers for RapidIO. I have the usdpaa and the usdpaa-apps packages compiled, configured and running. I can also use the SRA application successfully. However, I have no clue of how to enumerate the RapidIO bus from user space when using the USDPAA.

Is there some application for user space, which can do that for me?

Best regards,


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello Andre Loddenkemper ,

NXP Serial RapidIO user space driver is composed of Linux UIO driver in Linux kernel space and SRIO driver/application in Linux user space. There are dma and srio UIO drivers which map dma/srio registers and SRIO
window to linux user space for user space driver usage. User space dma and srio driver provide driver interfaces for
application, and timer driver provide means to measure the performance. Application can use driver interface to accomplish the final srio function. Currently, the srio driver support two rapidio ports, and the dma driver supports two controllers and eight channels based on basic direct mode and basic chain mode .

 The serial RapidIO interface provides a RapidIO port to communicate with other RapidIO devices. Please refer to the userspace driver in usdpaa/git-r4/git/src/srio/srio_driver.c.

Linux Kernel driver in drivers/uio/fsl_srio_uio.c.

Have a great day,

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the question is "I have no clue of how to enumerate the RapidIO bus from user space when using the USDPAA."

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