License for Sc3850 DSP core in linux version

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License for Sc3850 DSP core in linux version

NXP Employee
NXP Employee

I have just set the scc environment for 913x SoCs (Sc3850 DSP core).

This I have taken from verification environment and the version is

StarCore C++ Compiler v3.0 V23.6.1 build 7 Freescale Production (v6d support)
Delivery scc-2-113, Compiled date Jul 30 2008 11:29:47
Copyright (c) 2005 by Freescale Semiconductor, Inc, All Rights Reserved

But I am getting problem in accessing or compiling any sample code to proceed further.

I couldn't find any support link to get the license for linux environment.

Kindly help me to get the same.



mail id:

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee



There is no tooling which directly targets the 913x devices yet.  What we and customers have been doing is using a P1010 or P2020 connected to an 8156 system to mimic the 913x to an extent.


That said, the tools you want to have are:


CodeWarrior for PA 10.0 (Linux and Windows versions available)  (not sure what the latest release is here)

CodeWarrior for SC 10.0 (Windows only) (latest release is 10.1.8)


You can get the Linux environment build tools for SC separately also.  I would start with the above toolsets however.


CW for SC 3.x pretty much ends support at the 8144, so you do want to use the newer version, also the compiler version you mention is very out of date, the current one in 10.1.8 is





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