I2C specification master/slave terminology

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I2C specification master/slave terminology

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Hello, I am a representative of a standard body called SMIF, which is responsible for the SMBus and PMBus industry specifications, primarily in the power and computing industry. These specs use I2C as a basis, adding packet and command layers. 

I’ve heard that other standard bodies are updating speciations to no longer use the terminology of master/slave given the recent cultural shifts in the USA. In general to avoid confusion we try to use the same terminology in SMBus/PMBus as we see in I2C. 

since NXP is owning the I2C standard thawed days, I would like to ask about your plans to do something similar. Feel free to contact me offline (I do work with another semiconductor company, so hoping this post is not flagged and removed automatically): mjschurmann (at) TI (dot) com 

Hoping to get a reply...

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