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Smart Peephole

Smart Peephole



Smart, integrated building systems empower users to improve energy efficiency, lower maintenance costs, and conveniently control environments from smartphones and advanced HMIs. Their interconnected features house a platform of big data to make smarter, environmental-friendly decisions while ensuring maximum comfort and performance.


  • Smart Peephole implement camera capture and LCD display function at the same time.
  • Touch screen to trigger JPEG compression and storage.
  • User can take it as a reference for basic framework for video transfer.
  • Optional WiFi & BLE module to transmit the captured information to the user.

Use Cases

  • Home secure.
  • Supervising children and pets.
  • Loss prevention.
  • Locating bugs and pests.
  • Vandalism deterrence.

Block Diagram

Block Diagram-Smart_Peephole-PNG.png


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