Android HCE with PN7150 as reader

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Android HCE with PN7150 as reader

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Trying to use the PN7150 as a reader that works with Android HCE (host card emulation). Android HCE with Android as a reader works fine with the standard APDU commands, but I don't see any documentation with regards to this for the PN7150. 

Are there any resources or examples on the PN7150 that is helpful for this kind of project? Thanks!

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


Please make sure that the Android device supports the full features of a real card and that it is not only demodulating the carrier as a e.g. type A tag and responding to anti-collision. The PN7150 will have to be treated as a normal Reader/Writer, it is rather necessary to check e.g. the card commands and timings for a proper integration.



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