NXP HoverGames fly failure

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NXP HoverGames fly failure

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We use NXP HoverGames Drones. The problem is that when we try to fly the drone in the manual or stabilize mode, one of the motors don't turn with same speed of other motors. These speed changes happen according to the slope of the drone in the air. To fix this, we did a level horizon calibration from the QGroundControl. After this, all the motors turn with same speed in the manual mode; but in the stabilize mode, the problem did not solved.

We have 5 UAVs and this problem is fixed for manual mode only for one UAV. As this problem is persistent on all UAV I would like to get your direction on several items. First, I want to understand the keypoints/tweaks for calibration. E.g. Should I calibrate the UAV before each flight at flight location, or can I calibrate the device in lab and level horizon on the flight location. Second of all, why this calibration affects manual mode? Lastly, which calibration item I should focus to overcome this problem?

Thanks in advance

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello Mertkan,

There is little additional information besides what is available on the Hover Games website, but it is recommended to calibrate the UAV before each flight at a new flight location, and sometimes even on the same location in case problems have been detected.

On another post (link below), they recommend performing the PX4 motor calibration sequence.


I hope that this information helps!


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