Transfer application control from core 0 to core 1 on MPC5777C

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Transfer application control from core 0 to core 1 on MPC5777C

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We are developing a safety critical application which we would like to run on the MPC5777C safety core (core 1 and checker running in lockstep). By default the MPC5777C starts execution on core 0. To clarify, we don't intend to develop an SMP application, rather we want to pass execution control to core 1 and suspend core 0. Also, we don't intend to purchase SMP support for our ICD since we don't intend to run core 0 and 1 simultaneously (except for a very brief moment when core 1 comes up and core 0 halts, during which time we don't need ICD support).

Is there an app note or guidelines on how to handle this startup sequence to transfer core 0 control to core 1, and to enable the checker core?

Thank you, Dan

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


There is no application note regarding your requirement.

This is common use case. You boot your device on core0 and prepare everything for safety critical application execution. (perform self-tets, calibration, etc..)

Once all of this is done you will start core1 in lockstep by your SW (refer to reference manual SIU chapter) where all your safety related tasks will run and put core0 into reset from core1.

from this point on, you will execute only in lockstep.

You can find useful our example codes: 



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